Israeli Haganah and Krav Maga

Israeli Haganah/Krav Maga

Haganah literally translates as “Defense”. The Haganah self-defense system is a combination of two martial arts systems which were originally developed in Israel, Krav Maga and Hisardut, but added military tactics taught in Kapap and Lotar and other hand to hand and armed fighting techniques used by the Israeli Special Forces personal in extremely hostile environments. Haganah combines the best elements of these systems into a devastating street self-defense system. One of the most important properties found in the combination of these systems used in Haganah is the ability to focus on getting to a few specific positions, called points of reference, from which a common set of techniques can be employed, depending upon your ability and main objective you wish to obtain in the engagement. This allows you to develop sound fighting skills very quickly because it minimizes the number of counter- attacks you must learn to be effective.

Haganah was born out of the need to enable a person at a disadvantage, such as size, strength, and armament, to defeat and adversary that had a tactical advantage. Haganah is far from being an ordinary self-defense system. It is the future in hand to hand combat and street fighting methodologies.

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